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minus 4º


Minus Four Degrees

Why Minus Four Degrees? Minus four degrees celsius is the temperature to which ice creams are churned to, to reach that creamy and silky consistency that we all have come to know and love! Besides, Minus Four Degrees has a nice ring to it , and we decided to stick to it.

Meet The Makers

We are a mother and daughter team. Coming from a culinary background with 8 years of working experience, Sarah has honed her skills and tastebuds working for Cilantro and Dewakan before becoming an entrepreneur herself, and is now head of the ice cream production. Kim has a business and management experience of 20 years and is heading the management end of the business. 

Our Ice Cream

We pride ourselves in using only premium ingredients in our artisan ice creams and the difference is apparent in the flavour and texture. All of our ice creams are made in small batches to ensure the consistency, freshness and quality of our ice creams. 

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TEL: 012-2369930

23A, 1st floor, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, PJ

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